As you will all most probably be aware, there is a new variant of the Covid-19 virus called Omicron.

In line with the new Welsh Government guidance, all students should now wear face coverings while indoors across all campuses.

We are already operating on this basis, but you will now be asked to wear your face covering:
•    When in classrooms
•    When in common room areas – unless eating/drinking.

Please continue to wear your face covering:
•    When moving around the campus
•    When travelling on public and College transport.

We do have face coverings available on campus, but we are encouraging you to bring your own and to keep it on you at all times. This will help us to minimise waste.


  • If you are exempt, please show your badge/lanyard
  • If you are taking part in practical sessions or outdoor activity, your face covering can be removed but only if risk assessments permit and physical distancing is possible.

We will also continue to ensure there is adequate ventilation in all classrooms and therefore doors and windows will be remaining open.

This is a temporary, precautionary measure, to ensure everyone’s safety in the lead up to Christmas and will be reviewed within the coming weeks.