Before the interview

•             Make sure you know where and when the interview is due to start. Being late is never a good start.

•             Read up on the course, as this will allow you to interact easier with the interviewer, as you’ll have a better idea of what they’re talking about.

•             Think of which questions you’d like to ask them about the course or university.

•             Read over your personal statement, as the interviewer might mention something from it.

•             Read the latest news from your subject area, as the interviewer might test your knowledge.

•             Try and have a mock interview beforehand, and imagine what questions you might be asked.
During the interview

•             Dress suitably – you won’t need to be in a suit, but make sure you’re neat and tidy.

•             Make sure you’re there in plenty of time.

•             Sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye, and answer their questions in a clear voice.

•             If you don’t understand a question, ask them to repeat it. It’s better than answering something completely different.

•             Ask a question yourself, to show that you have an interest in the university and the course.

•             Sell yourself, be enthusiastic, and come across as well as you possibly could.

After the interview

•             Think of how the interview went, and which questions you struggled with. Make notes of these in case you get them again.

•             Sit back, wait, and keep an eye on your Track screen.